Wool Tower Wedding Photographer


Megan & Tiernans beautiful Wool Tower Wedding. 

Wool Tower Wedding Photographer

Having grown up aquainted with Megan’s family, the excitement was there when they reached out to me to capture their daughters special day. It was evident from the start that this would be a memorable wedding.


The Wool Tower


Venturing to the Wool Tower for the first time for a wedding was an exciting experience. The rustic and historic ambience of the location heightened my anticipation to explore every aspect of it.

The Wool Tower, steeped in history, exudes a special charm for weddings, creating a relaxed atmosphere from the moment you step onto the grounds.

As a photographer, the venue’s picturesque nooks and crannies offer abundant opportunities for capturing beautiful moments, ensuring a plethora of choices for memorable photographs.

Reflecting the couple’s laid-back personality, the entire day unfolded in a super-chilled manner, allowing Megan & Tiernan to fully savour each moment. The decision to host the entire celebration at the Wool Tower added to the relaxed setting.

Are you getting married at The Wool Tower?

If you are getting married at the Wool Tower and you like the images I take, please feel free to get in touch here with myself for a chat.

If you’re getting married at The Wool Tower and like the images I take, get in touch here to say hello.