About Chris McKernan Photography

Hello, My name is Chris McKernan and I would like to tell you a bit more about me and my journey to this point.

Ever since I was little, Art has always been a large part of who I am. From my beginnings of colouring in between the lines to trying to copy my Dads drawings.

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for creativity and thinking differently. Many years ago I saved up my money and decided to purchase my first DSLR camera.

From the moment I purchased that camera, all the pieces clicked into place, there was no turning back from that point. The journey had begun.

For me, photography is more than just pictures. Photography is about being in the moment and capturing everything through my creativity and vision. It’s about the love, the emotions and the people that matter most to you, the couple.

My main aim is to give every single client I connect with the most incredible experience from the first moment we meet right through to the very end.

I do this by providing a reliable and professional customer service and delivering my creative photography on the most amazing day of your life.


About Chris McKernan Photography






Family means a lot to me. I love visiting my parents. The kettle doesn’t seem to stop until I leave!

I love to see the world whenever I can. My fiance and I always try and get away once a year to somewhere. Visiting Iceland was one of the best experiences ever! So cool.

Snooker is the one game I always enjoy watching. From I was small until now. I can watch it for hours on end. I love to go for a game with my friends in my spare time.

If I watch a film I really like I tend to watch it again and again…and maybe again. Love a great thriller that makes you think a bit.


About Chris McKernan Photography