We don’t know how to pose and we aren’t very comfortable in front of the camera, how do you overcome this?

Not to worry. I’m used to giving directions to my couples on how to get the best out of each photo. I will show you guys how to stand, what way to look etc. This is all done in good spirit and a bit of humour I find always relaxes my couples and as a result they enjoy the experience and this is evident the photos I capture.


What time do you arrive in the morning of the wedding?

I always like to be with the bride around 10am in the morning of the wedding.


What time do you stay usually?

I stay until the first few dances are done. I don’t quite stay to the part where the ties are around the head but sometimes that can be earlier than expected 🙂


Do you cover the groom in the morning as well?

Unfortunately not. My focus and time is with the bride in the morning. I can have the groom covered if required but it would be at the hiring of a second shooter and this is an additional cost to my pricing.


How much is your deposit?

I kindly require a deposit of £250 in order to secure your date.


When do you require the full balance?

I require the full balance 4 weeks before your wedding date.


When it comes the wedding album, do we have much say in what images are included and how it all looks?

You have all the say! You select all the images, the design and layout is all your say. I just provide the visuals to show how it will all look. I send over a PDF of the spreads and how each page looks and you have full control of where you want each photo. I have a decided Pinterest page which is an inspiration page for album styles so this is very useful for giving you some initial ideas. Nothing goes to print without sign-off from my couples.


If we opt for an engagement shoot, when should this take place?

It can take place anytime really, but I feel the best time to do this is around 2-3 months before your wedding. This is good as the experience is fresh in your minds and it will make you guys more used to me on the day of the wedding.

Where should our engagement shoot take place?

I always recommend a location that means something to the couple. Somewhere you maybe met each other, a first date maybe? Somewhere you both enjoy going now? Make it personal to you.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Sony 7iii and have a number of lenses and flashes to go along with this. I also have a 3rd camera, a Nikon D800.

Do you make a backup of our wedding photography?

Of course! I have 2 cameras on me at all times and each camera has a backup within each camera. That then is copied several times and stored both locally and on my cloud. 

How long does it take you to edit our wedding images?

Typically around 4 weeks to have everything edited and uploaded to your private gallery.

Do you travel further than Northern Ireland?

Absolutely I travel the south of Ireland and further afield if required. The only thing is that I would need to create a custom quote to cover this.

Do you like to have a certain amount of time for portrait sessions?

Ideally I would love to have between 30 mins to 1 hour for the portrait session. I work quite fast at this time so I can go through them and get the full range of shots I like to get.

What do you do if it rains on our wedding day?

I use the same approach only I find certain areas indoors. Most venues have lovely areas inside so the results can be the same. 

 What’s your style?

My style is a combination of documentary and a bit of directional. I use off camera flash when it comes to the portrait session to add a cinematic feeling to your images at this time.

 How many photos can we expect?

You can expect between 500 – 700 edited high resolution mages with no watermarks

Are you insured?

Yes I have both public liability and equipment insurance.