Leighinmohr House Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

Leighinmohr House Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

The venue

Leighinmohr House Hotel is a popular wedding venue for many couples following a major refurbishment. The team at Leighinmohr House Hotel works tirelessly to ensure your wedding is perfect and seamless and that you have the most awesome experience there.

One of the big attractions at Leighinmohr House Hotel is the opening of their romantic secret garden which is only a stone away from the hotel. It’s elegant and peaceful and it allows the couple to photograph them warm and loving photos while remaining in close distance to the wedding party.

The Couple

Claire & Gareth are originally from Northern Ireland but now reside in London, the couple had flown over to Northern Ireland for a visit and arranged a wedding consultation with myself and when we met, we instantly hit it off. 

Their ideas and the style they wished for was a perfect match for my photography. The convenience of the Leighinmohr Secret Garden had attracted the couple to the venue, and with their wedding taking place in December, the shorter winter days and the winter sunlight would work to our advantage. 

The Wedding

I had met Claire on the morning of her wedding at her mother’s house in the countryside of Country Antrim. Claire and her bridesmaids were so excited for the day ahead and there was a great atmosphere surrounding them. I made my way to meet Gareth who was happily waiting for his beautiful bride to make the special appearance at Tannaghmore.

Their wedding ceremony took place at St MacNissius Church, Tannaghmore. The couple had flown over special guests from England to make their wedding that little bit more special. Their wedding was a beautiful traditional ceremony that had everything. The guys exchanged their vows and soon after we had a couple of awesome newlyweds making their wedding to The Leighinmohr.

Portrait Session

We arrived at the Leighinmohr and made our way to the secret garden for the portrait session. With the wedding taking place at the end of November we had a limited amount of time for daylight. Conveniently our session only took maybe 15 minutes as everything was so close by. We all made our way inside the hotel where the couple could go and relax with their wedding party and I would begin to photograph the stunning winter ballroom.

The speeches were hilarious and some parts were prepared for (Father of the bride’s hand made signs). I even managed to a small mention which is always lovely to hear.

I said my goodbyes to Claire & Gareth and left them to party with their guests for the rest of the night.

Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer.

Leighinmohr House Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer