Rachel & Johnny
Kilmore Country House Hotel

Kilmore Country House Wedding

The Venue

Kilmore Country House is an exclusive wedding venue in Northern Ireland that stands alone for its views. But what sets Kilmore Country House apart from other venues, is the wonderful array of nearby locations for photography. Each location offers a gorgeous backdrop for your celebration and will make for beautiful masterpieces for your wedding photos.

From the coastal beach at waterfoot, to a beautiful waterfall tucked in Glenariff Forest, The Glens of Antrim scenery fill you with that wow feeling when you come to visit each time. The Venue gives you a magical feeling that is accompanied by a warm and friendly welcome from the team at Kilmore Country House.

The Couple

I met Rachel & Johnny for a coffee to talk about their wedding in more detail and straight away I knew these guys were full of ideas and creativity. I understood the attraction they had to Kilmore Country House as they were familiar with that part of the country and they loved the outdoors. We talked thoroughly about their expectations for their wedding photography and we went over all the great areas that would work well for photography. We realized that we were going to be spoilt for choice with it being such a picturesque area. Needless to say, we both left the consultation feeling excited about the wedding. 


The Wedding

Fast forward the clock a year later and the big day had finally arrived. I arrived with Rachel at Kilmore Country House bright and early on the morning of her wedding. The sun was splitting through the trees and the stage was set for one beautiful day. Rachel was in great spirits and couldn’t wait to see her soon to be hubby in a few hours!

Everything in the morning time went like clockwork and everything was on schedule. I made my way to meet up with Johnny when he arrived in his white Honda Integra. His best man was also sporting a black Honda Integra, a pattern was emerging at this moment.

A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony soon commenced with beautiful views of the Glens of Antrim in the backdrop. Once we all witnessed the first kiss and we now had “ I now pronounce you guys husband and wife” stage, it was time to take the guys for their portrait.

Portrait Session

Rachel wished for a creative approach to her wedding photography which was music to my ears. We both had a plan for where to go for their portrait photos. We took the bridal party to waterfoot beach for their bridal party photos. This was then followed by a short drive to the bottom of Glenariff Forrest with only the bride and groom at this stage. It’s also worth mentioning that Johnny and Rachel drove in his Honda Integra and left me for dust.

A short time later we got the images at the waterfall and we headed back to Kilmore Country House so the guys could get a drink with their guests and relax. 

This amazing couple enjoyed the rest of their wedding with their nearest and dearest at Kilmore Country House. What an amazingly unique venue. When it comes to Northern Ireland Wedding Photography, Kilmore Country House is one of the most attractive venues for weddings.


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